Life at the University of Florida

As a senior at the University of Florida, I feel so appreciative to I have been given the opportunity to attend such a wonderful institution. The university offers many resources to help students master their desired fields. A program that offers a new way of telling the stories journalist tell would be CMIR. CMIR stands for Center of Media Innovation and Research. The program is up and coming but I think it will serve great purpose to the university’s faculty and students.

Upon officially becoming a telecommunications major, I learned more things than I probably have in my pervious years at UF. The amount of knowledge I gained really started to pick up when I became a telecommunications news major. It seemed as though the more I learned, the harder classes became. My work load started to become so extensive and I realized that being in this major required me to work on and off the campus. I quickly became responsible for going out and finding stories and then gathering the information for those stories. At times, I did feel somewhat overwhelmed, but now that I think about it, working so hard it is only preparing me for my future career.

I am currently taking a course called TV 1, and I feel as though this course has taught me a lot. I am not an expert but the things I am learning, I know I can benefit from. I think one of the most important things, when in school, is to be able to retain information and apply it to your everyday life. Knowing how to work software like Final Cut Pro is very essential if I plan to further my broadcast journalism career. I am very thankful to have skills like these under my belt. Below, I have included my final project for my TV 1 class. Like I said, I am not an expert, but this video shows my level of knowledge thus far. Enjoy!


It’s a Blog World (Cont.)

My classmates continue to show how diverse blogs can be. So far I have yet to find two blogs with the same topic. Madison Connor decided to make her blog about her everyday life, which means that you may be able to find information about almost anything on there! Ashley Stout’s blog is very interesting as it tells about her traveling experiences during her life. Ashley was fortunate enough to have traveled internationally and her blog teaches viewers how to save money on airfare, hotels, and etc. The last blog I’ll be mentioning is Hannah Schrader‘s. Hannah’s blog is about her getting ready for the next stage of her life after graduation. She has already been proposed to and now she is getting ready to walk across the stage and down the aisle. How romantic is that?!?!?!

It’s a Blog World

As society progresses, so does blogging. Blogs are a new source of information. A good blog is filled with so much information that it is easy for its audience to become an expert on the topic of the blog by simply reading the weekly post of the blog. Blogs can be about anything. No matter what the topic is, there will always be at least one person interested in learning more about the topic. A couple of my classmates have very interesting blogs that cover a plethora of topics. For example, Auriel Rolle-Polk‘s blog is about her obsession with food and ingredients. A blog like this would be ideal for aspiring culinary arts students.  Stephanie Jones is interested in sports news, so that is the focus of her blog. For blog viewers who are also gator football fans, her blog may be something to check out. Blogs can even be about a huge current world wide topic like the presidential debate. Bailey Myers dedicated her entire blog to the 2012 presidential election. How cool is that? Blogs can be about anything you dedicate yourself too!


As the author of this blog, I feel that it is only best that my blog audience get to know a little more about me. My name is Tondrea Haddly. I am a twenty-one year old, college senior, aspiring to attain a degree in Telecommunications. Although I attend the University of Florida, I spend the majority of my time in Tampa. I am continuously working to build my resume, in hopes that it will help me with post college employment. After college, I do not intend to immediately start a career in broadcast journalism. For about two years, I want to work as second grade teacher because I enjoy working with children and watching them grow. During this time I plan to do a short internship specializing in broadcast journalism, in order to keep my mind fresh with the information I am learning now. I have three best friends and we all have a such different fashion preferences. The diversity, in fashion, amongst my friends and I sparked my topic for this blog. All in all, I’m just a young adult trying to make my mark on the world.

A great look for Winter

Living in Florida, I often find it difficult figuring out what styles are best for winter. The reason being is that winter in Florida is never really “winter”. When most people associate winter they think  of snow and temperatures below twenty degrees. Well in my hometown of Miami, this is not the case. During winter in Miami, the sun is still shining bright and although you may experience weather in the low forties, its never freezing. So I decided to put together a great outfit that is suitable for a “Miami winter”. The first item I found was this very stylish blazer. This blazer over a long sleeved turtle neck will be just enough warmth for winter in Miami. To add a little flare to my blazer and turtle neck, I would wear striped pants. The blazer can also be paired with regular skinny jeans, but I always like to add a “wow” factor to my outfits. Last, I would top off this outfit with a pair of black riding boots. Riding boots are very comfortable and they will also keep your feet warm enough for winter in Miami. For this style and more GoJane is the place to go, along with other post from this blog.

More Great websites for women clothing

Recently I came across this website that offers both new and vintage women clothing. may not be the cheapest online shopping experience, but it will definitely be the most worth it! I love to shop on Nastygal because I know the clothing will be of great quality. Sometimes online shopping can be very deceiving; you may think your item is going to look one way, but when you receive it you are left wondering where your money went. This has happened to me one too many times, so I have became very dedicated to finding websites that sends you items of quality. One of the newer items located on Nastygal that I found stylish but not too expensive was the tempted mesh dress. This dress is only $48 and would be perfect for a night out on the town. As great of a website Nastygal is, I realize that for some it may be expensive, so other post on my blog are dedicated especially for those fashionista on a budget.

Super Stylish Fashion for Cheap!

I wanted to use this weeks blog to give my advice on some up-to-date fashion that will have every woman looking like a million bucks for less than a hundred bucks. Being fashionable does not mean you have to go broke doing so. You can be very fashionable on a budget and no one ever has to know! Forever 21 is a great website to fine fashions for women, men, plus size, and girls. The best part about this website is that everything is inexpensive. This stylish backless dress is only $22.90! That is a great deal for such a great item.  Another great website is H&M. H&M has great clothing that can also be great business casual attire. This pink blazer is just one of the great items available at H&M and it is only $39.95.  Another website that offers great fashions for less is Chic Lady Boutique. You may recall me mentioning chic lady boutique in a previous blog; great women’s fashion. Check out all of these websites, I promise you won’t regret it!

Never too young for FASHION!

Some people may think you have to be a certain age to grace the runaway with your presence, but that is not the case. Diva Davanna  is a 12 year-old little girl who sets the runway on fire with her presence. At such a young age Diva Davanna has appeared in many fashion and television shows. She has also become a social network fashion phenomenon. Her youtube videos receive thousands of views. Diva Davanna is taking the world by storm and although she may be very young, I can predict this young star will have a bright future.



Victoria Secret Fashion Show

For this weeks blog, I decided to post a video of the 2012 Victoria Secret Fashion show. This fashion show is always fun to watch if you are interested in fashion. In this fashion show everyday lingerie is transformed into spectacular costumes. Each scene has a different theme and the way the stylist incorporates the theme into every model’s outfit is pure talent. The fashion show is filled with so much colorful you will not know where to begin to look. I can talk about the show for hours but it will never be like watching it for yourself, so here it is: